How to Make an Origami Paper Crane


Don’t know how to make an origami paper crane yet for #1000cranesforHEALING? Here are instructions on how to do it. We hope you find this useful in creating your paper cranes to wish for the end of #COVID19.

Remember to take a picture of your paper cranes and post your wish in your caption. You can post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Use the hashtag #1000cranesforHEALING. Make sure to set your photo to public so everyone can see them.

Every paper crane made is a wish for peace and healing for countries affected by COVID-19.

Spread the word! Share this post, challenge your friends and let’s all create a thousand cranes for the Philippines and the WORLD. Join our little senbazuru movement and make an impact today! 👍

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Posted on Apr 8.
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