What is the learning environment we are aiming for?

"A curriculum-based according to students’ needs"

"An increase in motivation and learning opportunities"

"Students enabled to survive problems and tests"

These are the qualities of the learning environment we aim for. 

Thus, we make sure that Izumi educators have the heart to serve. They are warm, kind, approachable, and attentive in the classroom. More importantly, they aim to create a learning environment that will encourage and patiently motivate students to perform their best and excel.

"I made it!"

“This is easy.”

"I understood the lesson very well.”

These are exclamations and statements from students that bring joy to our educators and give them a sense of fulfillment. It is truly our joy to see students accomplish and succeed on their own.


Academic Objectives

  • Fun learning
  • Cultivate “Ikinuku” Philosophy

What does “Ikinuku” mean?

  • It is a relaxed learning environment
  • A quick transmission of knowledge
  • It encourages students to become productive members of society
  • It motivates the development of Independence and Responsibility

Educator’s Vision

Izumi’s way of teaching children is through combining “fun learning” and the “Ikuniku” method.

Furthermore, our longstanding objective is to improve and raise children's academic abilities by helping them develop a positive attitude towards studying, giving them concrete goals, and providing appropriate support.


A Child-Centric Hub

It has been observed that cramming and forcing information acquisition do not add value to children’s learning. With this inappropriate style of learning, grades that students achieve will be less satisfactorily.

Rather, Izumi believes in the opposite of this learning style and is created with the children’s interest at heart. Further, it is envisioned to be a comfortable, child-centric hub for learning – a place where they will feel happy and proud to be part of.

Thus, every student, even an average learner, will be given the opportunity to improve, perform better and strive for excellence.  With the Izumi method, every youngster can aspire to study at top schools.

In order to achieve these, Nippon Math and Izumi educators will:

  1. Create a positive, fun and child-friendly environment.
  2. Motivate students with a curriculum suited to their needs and guidance that will lead to successful experiences.
  3. Ensure the time and quality of each student's learning is fully maximized.

We are a cheerful, warm learning environment, actively engages students and supports supplementary learning.

Educator’s Mission

In order for children to enjoy learning, it is our mission as educators to provide the following:

  1. A fun environment where children can learn together, make new friends, and have a comfortable learning experience.
  2. An environment that teaches students to understand and learn happily.
  3. A learning center that will help students learn better and achieve good grades.
  4. A learning center will help students get motivated and learn to excel on their own.
  5. Support students to be the best they can be and achieve their dreams.

How To Cultivate “Ikinuku”

It is through these actions that the philosophy of Ikinuku will be cultivated:

  1. Encouraging students to dream, aspire bigger, and become productive members of society.
  2. Encouraging students to become self-reliant and to encourage and enable them to work independently, develop "strength" and "resilience".
  3. Teaching students not to fear mistakes and failures. Instead, they are encouraged to nurture the ability to confront problems without answers.
  4. Fostering the ability of students to exceed their own limitations.

Supporting the future

Our Team

Our team is what makes IZUMI what it is. Hence, we have gathered the most talented people we could find different parts of the world. We have members from the Philippines, Sweden, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Laos.

We have the experience to develop quality education that you seek.