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Why Enroll Your Children

We know children’s attitude when it comes to studying. For this reason, we have made our lessons and course materials enjoyable and interactive.

Furthermore, when you enroll your children at Nippon Math by Izumi, we can assure you that their attitude towards studying will change from negative to positive.

On top of that, they will sharpen their tactile senses and improve their study habits, discipline, and initiative!


Our materials provide education and guidance for students from pre-school to elementary school. More importantly, we believe that education should be fun. Hence, our materials are also innovative and holistic to guarantee impact and retention in students.

With these intellectual materials, students can think in 3D and learn in real-time. Likewise, these toys and games encourage respect, teamwork, and cultivate sportsmanship.

Goals and Strengths

Fun, Tactile, and Holistic Learning

  • Multi-skill learning
  • Develop students’ total intellectual ability
  • Education that will instill discipline, a sense of independence, and responsibility

Features of Nippon Math Method

  • Textbook

    Age and ability based levelling

  • Materials

    Fun, interactive, tactile learning using high-quality materials that are regularly updated

  • Skills In:

    Geometry, Algebra, Arithmetic, Analytical Thinking, Logical Thinking, Concentration, Cognitive, Motor Skills

  • Discipline

Lesson Flow

  • Puzzles and Blocks Sheets

    Tactile, concentration, analytical, discipline, cleanliness

  • Grade-based Math Textbook

    Logic, concentration, mathematical discipline

  • Intellectual Materials

    Respect and teamwork

  • Discipline
  • 30 mins to 1 hr review time

    Self-learning and responsibility


In today's world, most children are in their homes, playing gadgets, therefore lessening their social interaction with peers. However, our educational tactile toys will encourage students to interact with children their age. As a result, they learn to build meaningful relationships.

Furthermore, questions and problems in worksheets and textbooks also enforce connection between mathematics and patterns. Additionally, these materials develop students' analytical and logical skills.

Moreover, materials encourage discipline as students are taught to write clean. To further encourage independent learning, each student has his/her own textbook, enabling them to focus on the lesson and become responsible. With these fun lessons, we seek to maximize learning capacity in students.

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