Realign your children’s future by adapting and setting goals at the time of online education

2020 has weathered unprecedented events that inevitably triggered cultural changes, especially in academics that has adapted online education. With home study programs implemented, parents are now encouraged to be further involved in their children’s learning process.

Now that they are not physically going to schools, they miss out on skills that build strong foundations that will influence their adulthood. Creating a clear path to monitor children’s growth will help parents track their learning capacity, speed of progress, and prowess.

Development of Different Age Groups

Before planning, know what stage your child is currently in. Kindergarten to grade school are vital points of growth where they develop critical thinking, emotional recognition, and motor skills. A few crucial areas of growth can be categorized as:

  1. Physical – allows them to grow capable and self-sufficient
  2. Academic – develops a framework for exceptional intellect
  3. Socioemotional – builds a distinct personality or individuality

Activities like riding a bike, coloring images, and following instructions impact and build a child’s character, creating their own sense of self. With online education, more than ever, parents need to think about programs that will nurture social skills and make learning fun.

Planning Your Child’s 2021 Educational Milestones fun learning

Kids’ 2021 Educational Milestone Checklist

With 2021 well underway, what is the best way to plan for your kids’ educational milestones? Here are some examples for the critical ages of 3 to 11.

• 3-5 years old

In this stage, they will start to want some sense of independence, interest to explore will grow, and interactions will start shaping the personality they will grow into.


• 6-8 years old

This is where physical, mental, and social skills start growing rapidly. A greater sense of independence and desire for friendship and acceptance is expected.


• 9-11 years old

There’s increased sense of responsibility while their independence continues to grow. They see become socially aware and conscious to people’s perspectives and opinions.


Children progress in different rates so it is essential to keep track of and provide support accordingly. At the time of e-learning, parents are encouraged to be part of their children’s educational growth to fill in gaps, adapt to cultural changes, and grow a capable person.

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