Are you and your child prepared for the blended learning methods of the “new normal?”'

Author: Loren Llaguna and Mancie Silloriquez

With the current situation of COVID-19 in the Philippines, you have decided to enroll your child in an online distance learning program. Now, did you know that preparing an environment favorable for learning is key to maximize its benefits?

Here are some tips on how you can prepare your home for your children’s online classes:

1. Prepare a conducive learning space

Application of the blended method in online distance learning involves a lot of materials bot for the educator and student.

A well-lit spacious area and stable chair and table will allow your child to work comfortably without distractions. Decorating their space like a classroom will also add to a genuine learning experience.

Learning space 02

Alternatively, your dining table can be converted into a study space as need.

2. Set and commit to a schedule

Discuss your child’s schedule with the educator and make it a sacred hour at home. This involves the participation of the whole family to keep noise at a minimum, steer clear of visible distractions, and avoid heavy usage of the internet while the class is ongoing.

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3. Know your responsibilities

  • Observe your child while doing the lessons. If you notice anything of concern, you may discuss and address this with your educator.
  • Make sure your internet is stable. Family members can momentarily refrain from streaming videos during your child’s study hour. This would greatly help your child have a smooth lesson flow.

   Especially for Izumi Math Classes:

  • Your Izumi educator will ask you to take photos of your child’s work and send it to your designated messaging app. You may also teach your children to do this on their own so that they can be more independent.

  • Be sure you or a representative would be present in lectures to monitor your child’s progress. Your Izumi educator will be on-screen to assist you and the child if you have any questions.
Support and guidance 03

In an online distance learning program, maintaining children’s focus is important and would require every family member’s cooperation.

Therefore, with the increasing preference for homeschooling, let us prepare for the “new normal” and help make remote learning fun even during the quarantine period.




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