Selecting an online distance learning program that fits you and your child

Author: Mancie Silloriquez

Several online educational programs have now been unearthed by different providers to respond to repercussions of the global health threat, COVID-19.

With a broader list of options for online distance learning, it is suggested to have your own criteria for consideration to determine which program and provider will effectively increase your child’s knowledge and learning capacity—be it math classes or other subjects—as well as make the most out of your budget.

4 Critical Factors online distance learning math lesson free trial class

Here are essential factors you should consider in your decision-making:

1. Curriculum

Look into a provider that has a strong program of core subjects such as math, English, science, and history. See if they provide a holistic learning approach and a clear roadmap, so, as a parent, you will know the extent of your child’s academic growth.

You may also consider a program that specializes in one subject of expertise. For instance, Izumi Online focuses on improving mathematical proficiency and tackles concepts ahead of the Philippine standard grade level.

2. Consistency

It is suggested for a student to go through one program in its entirety as curriculums can vary within a grade level from one provider to the next.

Given above, switching programs and providers may disrupt the student’s learning momentum, lower retention capacity, and risk putting them academically behind due to adapting period and changes in teaching style and class environment.

3. Expertise and Learning Approach

Consider the provider’s track record and teaching method. Look for testimonials, reviews, or sign up for a free trial class if available so you could evaluate their competency first-hand.

Also think about your child’s benefits. Will they both learn and enjoy with the approach? Can educators effectively communicate with them? Will they have opportunities to get extra help when needed?

4. Tuition Fee Breakdown

Aside from matching your ideal budget to the expenses, it is also important to consider what comprises the program’s fees. Look at available incentives—materials included, waived delivery fees, books, or exercise sheets.

This is to ensure you and your child will get the most value out of your investment.

Check out our Izumi online distance learning program, book a FREE trial class, and start advancing your child’s mathematical proficiency.

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