Adapting to blended learning methods of the “new normal”

Author: Mancie Silloriquez

Adapting to blended learning methods of the “new normal”

Amid the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the Philippine educational sector is one amongst others that have been massively affected. This reflects on the number of this school year’s enrollees having significantly decreased.

DepEd has responded to this by introducing Distance Learning as a solution. Private schools have also shifted to Online Learning. This is in hopes of providing continuous education to a higher percentage of students through multiple communication mediums.

Marrying Distance Learning and Online Learning

These two terms, though both remote learning methods, are often thought to be interchangeable, but each has its own set of differences.

Distance Learning is a method that requires schools to ship students’ learning modules and other tactile materials to their homes, with communications limited to messaging apps, e-mail, and discussion boards.

Online Learning involves an in-person teaching method using blended learning techniques. It is applied in a virtual classroom by an instructor with all learning materials in digital format.

Online Distance Learning merges the two methods, combining the use of on-hand materials with lectures in a virtual classroom so communications are efficient, discussions are two-way, and questions can be addressed in real-time.

5 Advantages for Parents and Kids

1. Educational growth without the risk of public exposure

It is apparent that while parents are concerned about the educational gap, the top priority is still their children’s well-being. This method allows children to engage with teachers and continue to grow their educational level in the safety of their homes.

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2. Cheaper enrollment rates

Programs like our Izumi Math classes take your value for money seriously with price points starting from P1,700 only, already including 8 class sessions, puzzles, and individual exercise sheets.

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3. Less monetary commitment

Homeschools and other enrichment programs often offer a monthly enrollment option so it’s less taxing for parents to budget compared to yearly bulk fees.

Izumi Online Enrollment Monetary Commitment rev

4. Real-Time Assessment

Though online, children’s progresses could still be monitored instantaneously by teachers in order to further improve and accelerate their learning capacity.

Izumi Online Math Class online distance learning assessment

5. Better lesson retention

With materials available on-hand, motor skills, touch sensation, and visual perception reinforce the natural learning process and help retain memory.

Izumi Online Math Class online distance learning retention

Online Distance Learning is not for everyone yet is becoming a preferred option for those who find the technology accessible for education in the new normal.

During these trying times, through technology, we continue to preserve the value of children’s education within a safe environment during community quarantine.




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