Author: Izumi

Everyone is staying at home because of the COVID-19pandemic. Children cannot go to their schools. That is why it is up to the parents to help them with continuing their education at home for now. It might be hard to juggle work and teaching at home, but learning must never stop. Subjects like math can be difficult to understand, and your child might need guidance.

To help you out, here are some of the ways in which you can help teach your child math at home:

Create a Plan and a Schedule

If you are enrolling your child in Distance Learning before you can start helping with your child’s learning, make sure that you have already established a plan and a schedule. If you have decided to homeschool your children, having a set schedule will help establish a routine in learning at home. Having a clear understanding of what you should do is crucial to assist your child.

Make the Topics Fun

Since you will be cooped up inside your houses, one of the best learning styles for your child is tactile learning. This can also be called hands-on learning. You can use fun activities such as games to help them with the subjects. You can even incorporate it in your daily lives, such as make them count how many plates you have or make them pour a certain amount in a cup from a gallon of milk. These little things are helpful because tactile learners prefer to touch, build, or move what they have learned. It will make math learning less boring and more engaging in their minds.

Use Digital Technology

We know how important the internet is in this time of crisis. You can learn or research subjects where you do not quite understand how you will teach it to your child, or you can also let them use the internet to for learning opportunities. Digital technology can be used for learning. You just must be careful and restrict their access. You can also make use of online learning apps and communicate with their teachers if needed. There are some schools that provide online classrooms to continue the children’s education.

Provide Breaks

Remember not to do it too much and give yourself and your child a recess break. Give them time to play or do other physical activities. You do not want them to feel lazy or overwhelmed with all the lessons. Math can be frustrating for some children, so if you think that your child is having a hard time following the lessons, give them a break. Taking some time off will help ease their minds, not to mention that it will also give you a breather.

Give Reminders

Although it does not hurt to relax during the pandemic, too much of it might not be good for you and your child. Remember that this is all temporary and so you should do your best to remind your children to study and learn even if they do not feel like it. That is why you will establish a schedule so that they will not be far behind with their lessons. Keep them on track, and do not make them lax.

After everything is over, if your child still has a hard time with math, you can always enroll them in a math learning center.