Author: Izumi

What if we can just wish COVID-19 to go away? 😄

There is a Japanese legend that promises anyone who folds one thousand origami paper cranes (senbazuru) will be granted a wish.

While we are still staying home, we encourage everyone, especially children, to join us in making 1,000 paper cranes to wish for healing from COVID-19.

Let us unite and collectively wish that COVID-19 be eradicated sooner and for the immediate recovery of those who are affected by the virus. Let’s make origami paper cranes on behalf of our front liners, health workers, and victims. Let this be another way to show our solidarity and spread positivity during this difficult time.

Take a picture of your paper cranes and post your wish in your caption. You can post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Use the hashtag #1000cranesforHEALING. Make sure to set your photo to public so everyone can see them. 😁

We also encourage you to write down your wish on your paper before you fold it into a crane and hang them by your window or any place at home. Gather your family and use this as a time to bond and talk about what you all wish for.

Every paper crane made is a wish for peace and healing for countries affected by COVID-19. 😍

Spread the word! Share this post, and let’s all create a thousand cranes for the Philippines and the WORLD. Join our little senbazuru movement and make an impact today! 👍

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