7 Tips to Assist Your Kids to Thrive During Distance Learning Programs

Distance learning programs present incredible challenges and opportunities for parents and students. Everyone’s circumstances are different, even digitally savvy parents may struggle with educational technology.

Here are ways for parents to make the best of the new learning setup and environment to improve their children’s productivity through these easy and practical methods:

1. Mimic a classroom environment

Studying in bed reduces focus since most kids associate beds with comfort and sleep. Set up an area dedicated for school-focused activities to eliminate distractions and lack of motivation. Programs like Izumi apply collaborative activities with classmates to emulate the typical classroom environment as well.

2. Establish routines and habits

Develop good habits from the start to establish a routine in their day-to-day. Example of habits to help establish your child’s development on their online classes:

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Limit screen time before bedtime
  • Practice great posture
  • Eat healthy and drink lots of water
3. Make sure space is well lit

Reading or focusing too much on a computer screen for too long in a dimly lit area can incur eye strain. Keep that natural light flowing for your child’s eye protection!

4. Minimal use of internet when your child is studying

Minimize overall internet use during your children’s online classes. This will allow continuity and consistency, preventing risks of disconnection for them to better focus and retain class discussions.

5. Develop their independent learning skills

Children learn at their own pace, and they differ in learning capabilities. Providing leeway for them to pick-up concepts themselves coupled with well-timed or well-placed assistance from parents and teachers will develop independence and self-esteem.  

6. Use a learning device that is suited for your child

Providing a device with a big enough screen is advisable for the child to see the teacher and activities clearly. In online programs like Izumi’s Nippon Math, sensei’s (teachers) utilize application tools to maintain students’ attention for them to better focus on the task at hand.

7. Begin and end the day by checking-in

Follow and guide your children through processes to assist them in organizing tasks and setting priorities. Practice constant communication with your children to be aware of their quirks, acknowledge their milestones, and also form a deeper relationship!

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