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With the present situation, we are in because of COVID-19, children may have been the most affected due to school closures and quarantine measures. While we all wait for a vaccine, the new normal has started to settle in.

The New Normal in Education

Because of COVID-19’s high infection rate, countries had to lock down their countries and cities to avoid the spread of the virus. Quarantine measures also meant that schools should close to keep children safe from being infected by COVID-19.

With thousands of children stuck at home, how have they been keeping busy at this time? With the quarantine, some kids saw this as a vacation, but most parents are worried about their child’s health and learning situation. How can our children continue learning if they are not in school?

Online learning has been a hot discussion among parent groups and education sectors for quite some time. Online learning has been called the new normal in education. Students can still learn with the use of mobile gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Some schools and afterschool programs have opted to conduct and began to offer online classes to continue student’s learning activities. This way students would not be left behind in classes and their learning development. Teachers can still teach with the use of interactive whiteboards, and exercises flashed on the screen while students listen and absorb as much information as they can. There are several online classes being offered by various providers, you just have to find the best fit for your child.

Benefits of Online Learning

Student With Laptop

Before, parents would try to limit their child’s screen usage. But because children are now at home and need continuous learning, parents are then leaning towards providing as much education as possible with the use of mobile gadgets.

While we are waiting for everything to settle down, online learning may be the best way to keep our children continuously learning at home. Children can use their time to educate themselves with the use of technology apart from just playing video games, browsing videos on YouTube, and engaging other social media activities.

Online learning can create a semblance of a school atmosphere at home. If you create a scheduled time for online learning, it also creates a habit in children to be still learning every day. Since some online classes also offer group lessons, online group classes also allow your child to socialize with other children and even meet new friends. Parents also benefit from online learning. With the new normal taking over, parents have more time to bond with their children. You can facilitate and supervise learning at home and know more about your child’s abilities and skills.

Izumi Online!

Izumi Online

One service your child can try is Izumi Online!, Izumi’s online math classes for children ages 5 to 11. Izumi is an afterschool learning program where students learn math the fun way through our Nippon Math course. Students can socialize and cooperate with their peers and learn at the same time during Izumi lessons. Applying this principle, Izumi is now offering a different way for children to learn with their peers, online.

Enroll now in Izumi Online! Math Classes. We offer a free trial lesson and free assessment so you can evaluate if your child is ready for online learning. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes per session. For only P1,700 per month for 8 sessions, your child can continuously enhance his/her math skills while waiting for regular school to start. To know more about Izumi Online, go to

We are hoping that a cure will be found soon for COVID-19. But while we wait, let us not hamper our children’s learning development and let them learn using online methods.