Where Socialization and Fun Meet in Online Distance Learning Philippines

Despite the number of students enrolled for the school year 2020-2021, a great percentage of expected enrollees still opted to skip the year due to events following the pandemic.

Thankfully, a lot of enrichment programs for distance learning Philippines are accessible and affordable online. Now children can continue developing their knowledge in major subjects like science, Filipino, and math from specialized supplementary online programs.

How is Izumi making a difference?

Izumi is a supplementary program specializing in growing children’s mathematical proficiency through fun holistic online classes for distance learning Philippines. It is designed to prevent lapses in children’s learning and development.

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Holistic how?

The math program follows a Japanese-standard curriculum that is not only structured to help students catch up or get ahead of their current grade level but also build critical skills.

The program’s unique 3-part lesson flow ensures this through:

  1. Puzzles Time at the beginning serves as a warm-up to get them into the learning mood.
  2. Math Exercise Sheets as a guided activity with visual cues to encourage independent learning.
  3. Interaction Time where students engage in educational gamesto practice retention and encourage class socialization.

This format, with time and effort from Izumi trained educators, develop:

Puzzle TimeWorksheet ExerciseInteraction Time
Mathematical skills
Motor Skills
Visual Recognition
Analysis and logic
Visual recognition
Social cognition

Fun how?

Enthusiasm is an aspect Izumi values greatly when executing classes. It is every critical parent’s concern when their children miss opportunities to develop skills essential to their growth.

In recent cases one of those are lack of same-age socialization which results to lack of socio-cognitive skills, camaraderie, team play, and leadership. The program’s Interaction Time endeavors to resolve this predicament even in an online setting.

Just as well, Izumi’s believes that when children absorb and retain information better when having fun, hence making Interaction Time the most sought out feature in the program as parents see their children forming friendships, gaining confidence, and enjoying the learning process.

It is understandable that the pandemic’s repercussions are limiting our children’s learning experience but programs like Izumi exist so they could fill in the gaps and grow holistically while still safely inside their homes.

Curious about Izumi’s fun holistic experience? Book a free 40-minute parent orientation and trial class to see if it is the right fit for your child!