How Can Math Lessons Strengthen Parent-Child Relationships?

Math is a subject most children find intimidating—albeit those who we not eased into the subject in an individually suitable pace and approach. The presence and support of parents during their learning process will not only rekindle interest and positive attitude towards math lessons but also encourage proactiveness and build their trust.

The relationship between a parent and their children at home is very important. It lays the foundation for their behavior, personality, traits, and values providing a bond that nurtures the holistic growth. Now, how do you transform math lessons into a bonding activity?

1. Engage in Constant Communication 

Communicate with your children frequently as possible, they need to constantly feel supported and secured at this time of crisis. Let them know you are with them always, so they get the comfort that they need to face their everyday grind.

2. Periodically Observe Classes 

Observe your children’s classes as much as you can when time permits. Check and monitor their processes and responses—doing this will provide ideas on how you can support them in unique ways to further their current performance.

3. Acknowledge Milestones and Wins

Rewards are the simplest of ways—may be as simple as cooking their favorites or giving a little extra play time. Simply verbalizing your acknowledgements also leave a huge impact, like how Izumi senseis (teachers) are encouraged to give recognition provided at proper moments.

4. Eat meals together

Make it a habit to have meals together—in the morning before class or at lunch or dinner. This is a great way to open conversations about their day and experience to help you assess, provide guidance, and reassurance that will build their confidence to confide in you more.

5. Run through lesson topics together

Kids develop the ability to apply learnings by familiarizing and doing. You could take time practicing topics by incorporating them in mundane activities—playing, cleaning, cooking. Through this you’ll identify their strengths and focus on points for improvement.

These exercises from a crucial subject of education sound simple but often overlooked by busy parents. Finding what little time we could to be present in an aspect of their life that will shape their future matters in the long run.

Such is the kind of relationship Izumi’s Nippon Math™ tries to build not just within the online class but also with parents outside of it.

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