Author: Izumi

Just a few months ago, schools from all over the world made the unfortunate but necessary decision to close off their campuses and restrict physical interactions with their students to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and adding to the increasing number of casualties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, Online Distance Learning has become a part of the new normal for students, young and old.

What is Online Distance Learning?

Online Distance Learning is not a new concept; however, it was not made familiar. Due to advancements in technology, especially with personal computers, laptops, smartphones, and the Internet/Cloud, students are now given a variety of options to learn without attending residential schooling. Among these many options is Online Distance Learning.

Online Distance Learning is another form of education that utilizes various technologies in facilitating student-teacher instruction and student-student communication without the need for physical interaction. Now that everybody should stay in their own homes, online distance learning gives students the means to continue their studies. Moreover, online distance learning develops a student’s online skills in communication, accessing information, and collaboration, which are essential for learning and succeeding in school and life.

What are the benefits of Online Distance Learning?

  1. Students learn at their own pace. Parents are advised to let children develop at their speed. In traditional schools, children are ideally expected to learn lessons and complete their classwork at the same time as their peers. With online distance learning, children can choose to slow down or speed up when learning new concepts or mastering topics. Because virtual schools offer a mixture of self-paced tasks with scheduled activities, lessons, and deadlines, students can enjoy more individualized learning that fits their needs within their comforts.
  2. Students are offered diverse online mediums. Traditionally, students follow a strict curriculum designed linearly. With online distance learning, children can enjoy online educational games and interactive activities to keep them enthusiastic and ensure that their learning experience is filled with fun.
  3. Students are encouraged to interact. Learning is better with increased engagement, and motivation plays a crucial role in this. As such, online distance learning offers students the options of topics and lesson content that they want to study depending on their interests. When you give students the chance to make their own choices, active learning becomes more probable. Online distance learning also encourages social interaction among peers from the same class, which helps build the camaraderie that they are missing from staying indoors during the quarantine period.
  4. Students learn through various styles. Students learn through different learning styles. They can learn visually or verbally by reading or hearing the lesson. Some learn by writing notes about the experience. Others learn while playing games or recreating or following what is being done by the teacher. Furthermore, online distance learning offers a comprehensive and flexible range of lessons and activities that appeal to these many learning styles.
  5. Students are assessed in real-time. Because students and teachers do online distance learning over the Internet, it means that teachers can get a real-time assessment of their student’s progress. Through these assessments, they can get a clearer picture of how well their students are doing. They can also readjust their lessons and activities if they observe that their students are not progressing. Most importantly, assessments are essential to keep students challenged at the right level.

On a final note, online distance learning allows active parent involvement in their child’s education, which is essential for students to do better in school. Parents have now been given more responsibility in ensuring that their children accomplish their assignments and classwork on time. More than ever, parents have now become partners in their child’s education.

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