Author: Izumi

As the country slowly adjusts to the new normal that is brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are looking for online classes that can help them with their children’s math education. For students, there are various opinions on whether they like the subject Mathematics or not. But often, many of them will find the subject difficult to learn. Some students also feel that their efforts at learning the subject are futile.

There are various factors that might contribute to this. Some students might just have a hard time keeping up, or sometimes they are simply unable to properly grasp what they are being taught. Because of all these, a Math teacher’s role is crucial as the students will all rely on the instructor for guidance.

And because their role is necessary, here are some characteristics to look for in a great online Math teacher.

1. Thorough Understanding of the Subject Matter

This is the most basic and most obvious characteristic. One must learn and study hard before teaching the subject. Since online math teachers are the ones who guide students to learn, they must have extensive knowledge of the subject. They need to teach with confidence and clarity because if they do not understand the topic well, it will be detrimental to the students’ education.

2. Must Be Engaging

No matter how good you are in teaching the subject, if you are not able to engage and make your students participate, then there is a flaw in your teaching. This characteristic is very crucial since they will be conducting online classes. They need to capture the children’s attention and not let them get distracted by other things on the internet. An online math teacher should also be someone that facilitates the students to learn at their own pace. They do not need to force them or make them stick to a specific approach. Nowadays, many instructors have gone away from traditional teaching methods and have instead chosen other ways to make it more fun and exciting for their students.

3. Should Practice Continuous Learning

They say that a teacher’s work is never done, and that is true. Despite having enough knowledge to teach young children, an online math teacher must pursue further studies to improve and learn more. They must also keep themselves up-to-date and maybe even enroll in online supplementary classes if needed. They can further keep themselves notified in any effective strategies for better teaching. Currently, research and information are at the tips of their fingers.

4. Must Know How to be Empathetic

Teaching is considered as a vocation. That is why all teachers understand how important they are in the lives of the children that they teach. They are the ones that help in molding these young minds into better individuals. They are not just teaching for the sake of it, but they are also responsible for nurturing these students. They need to know how to approach each student if needed, especially if they are failing their tests. There might be more to it than meets the eye. Online math teachers need to be considered as guides, and not someone unapproachable that children would find it difficult to ask them a question during their online classes.

5. Must Show Encouragement

If an online math teacher finds that a student is having a hard time, they must be able to motivate them to do better and not punish them. Sometimes what all children need is a little push in the right direction. They must be able to inspire and make the children understand that it is alright to make mistakes as long as they learn from them. If a student also shows an inclination to the subject, then the instructor can also provide them with topics or careers that these children might be interested in. It’s essential that online math teachers keep them engaged and have a positive attitude towards the subject.

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