5 Ways to Make Online Math Lessons Entertaining Even at Home

After COVID-19 hit the education industry last 2020, the country has taken to either the blended or online learning method. For safety and health, children now stay at home 24/7 leaving parents mostly in charge of their education especially for major subjects such as science and math lessons.

Repercussions from the current educational setup may result in the children’s feeling of isolation and low motivation to learn. Common factors that may affect such are:

  • Distracting and irrelevant sights and sounds
  • Lack of attention
  • Boredom from repetitive activities
  • Lack of activities that stimulate the mind and senses

Parents could easily address this while removing a portion of the task off their shoulders, especially for a subject as crucial as math lessons, through a program that transforms learning into an enjoyable and exciting activity.

How could you keep Math Lessons fun and entertaining at home?

1. Compliment your kid in their studies.

Provide encouragement to nurture your child’s confidence. By acknowledging a job well done, children learn how to recognize their strengths and feel pride in their work.

2. Make snacks and treats.

Everybody naturally performs better when well fed. Making sure their tummies are satisfied makes them livelier in class and boosts their energy to participate in activities. 

3. Make sure your child is well-rested after class

Encourage rest after class to reduce strain. Kids who get adequate rest and sleep show improved memory and overall mental and physical health—recharged for the next hustle!

4. Cut out distractions during class

Have your kids do schoolwork in a quiet area. Turn off the TV, silence cell phones, and, if possible, limit people coming and going in the room or around the space.

5. Encourage interaction in class

Urge interactions with classmates during classes to develop social skills, collaboration, and teamwork. These will promote emotional growth and cognition as well!

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