Simple Tips to Boost Your Child’s Independence through Math Lessons

Enthusiasm, curiosity, or the “want-to-know” attitude is the driver for children to develop independent learning skills. Developing such by integrating activities in subjects such as math lessons can greatly affect their desire to learn.

How could parents use math lessons to develop that drive for children to become independent learners?

1. Allow them to take initiative

Motivate your children to solve problems independently to challenge and stimulate their thought process. Allowing them to come up with methods to figure out answers on their own efforts will develop their self-esteem and increase enthusiasm towards the subject. 

2. Provide suitable learning materials

Each child learns in unique ways. Observing your child’s learning method much like in Izumi’s Math Lessons will help you determine what kind of learning materials best suit their ability to take in information—either puzzles, blocks, visual exercises, or learning through experience.

3. Dedicate a learning space at home

Create a space dedicated to learning-related tasks to avoid distractions and a lack of motivation to try new things. This will allow them to focus on their task and build natural curiosity on their own.

4. Recognize their efforts

Acknowledge them in unique and/or special ways! When you notice them taking initiative, reach a particular milestone, or successfully learn a new process, proper recognition will go a long way in igniting their love for numbers and willingness to continue learning.

Children that show independence developed from challenges and activities become more resilient when faced with hardships. The more they get used to thinking critically, when parents start developing this skill from a young age, the better prepared they will be to face the world as adults.

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