Goals and Guiding Principles

The Ikinuku Principle

Izumi Learning Environment

We ensure Izumi educators have that heart to serve, exuding a warm, kind, approachable,
and attentive demeanor. They create an online learning environment that patiently encourages and motivates students to perform their best and excel.

  • Learning Environment 1
    A curriculum-based according to students’ needs
  • Learning Environment 2
    An increase in motivation and learning opportunities
  • Learning Environment 3
    Students enabled to survive problems and tests

For our educators, a sense of fulfillment and joy is felt when students accomplish and succeed on their own, as well as hearing exclamations such as:

Izumi Learning Environment

Izumi Learning Environment

Izumi Math Classes combine fun learning and the “Ikinuku” method which means to:

  • Provide a relaxed learning environment
  • Transmit knowledge quickly
  • Encourage students to become productive members of society
  • Motivate the development of independence and responsibility

How to Cultivate “ikinuku”

Allow your child to experience learning the Izumi way. It is through these actions that the philosophy of Ikinuku will be cultivated:

  • Encourage students to dream, aspire bigger, and become productive members of society
  • Encourage them to become self-reliant and to encourage and enable them to work independently, develop strength and resilience
  • Teach them not to fear mistakes and failures, instead encourage them to nurture the ability to confront problems without answers
  • Foster their ability to exceed their own limitations
How To Cultivate “ikinuku”

Educator’s Vision

Improve and raise children’s academic abilities by helping them develop a positive attitude towards studying, giving them concrete goals, and providing appropriate support.

Educator’s Vision

Educator’s Mission

Ensure students enjoy learning by:

  • Creating a fun collaborative atmosphere to make friends and learn comfortably
  • Teaching them to understand and learn happily
  • Helping them learn better and achieve
    good grades
  • Cultivating a motivating environment so
    they can learn to excel on their own
  • Supporting them so they can perform
    their best and achieve their dreams
Educator’s Mission