What is Nippon Math?


Nippon Math

Mathematics is an essential subject that all must learn. The subject teaches us to acquire information, process that acquired information, and find an answer. Each stage teaches us comprehension, logical thinking, and expression, respectively.

The Lessons

Japanese Education

Japanese Education

Integrated Algebra

Integrated Algebra,
Geometry and Arithmetic

Developed brain simulating skills

Developed brain simulating

(logical, analytical, tactile, coordination, and creativity)

Exciting way to learn

Exciting way to learn

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How to Make an Origami Paper Crane

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A Thousand Cranes for COVID-19

What if we can just wish COVID-19 to go away? 😄 There is a

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Why Invest Nippon Math

Course Materials

  • Cost effective school operation

    No need for separate classrooms. You can manage all student levels in one class.

  • Easy staff management

    Simple trainings for teachers and amagers with comprehensive support so you can save time and money.

  • Student magnet

    Our integrated math course which makes high level math fun and interactive, you will surely have students.

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