Establishing Concepts of Math and Nurturing Independent Online Learning

Izumi’s February student of the month, Jaina Odhette Lacuesta, truly celebrated a season of love for math! Living in Quezon province, Mommy Mylene utilized the online learning transition to enroll Jaina last July 2020 and have been with Izumi ever since.

Establishing the Roots of Math Concepts

On the get go, Jaina has been “very good in computations and does puzzles really fast,” says Vyxen sensei and she has increasingly improved her skill and prowess in the program’s structure—four areas of learning.

This structure unique to Izumi constructs concept frameworks of algebra, quantity and measurement, shapes, data handling, and analysis in students’ minds from early beginners’ level, easing them into increasing difficulties making it less intimidating even in online learning.

Mommy Mylene had a good grasp of the structure saying “with Izumi it’s like a progression, from the onset you already have geometry” and “I like the math problems and analogy. Jaina can work on her problem-solving skills and critical thinking as well. This aspect is what I find helpful for my child.”

Nurturing Fun and Independent Learning

Jaina works fast and though at the beginning had a few misses, she has slowly improved through her senseis’ guidance. Louis sensei notes she has now formed a “habit of reviewing her answers every time before moving to different exercises.”

Jaina Lacuesta in Izumi Online learning

Izumi’s classes promote independent learning, following aspects of the Ikinuku Philosophy—cultivating natural curiosity, self-reliance, and hunger for knowledge.

Reflecting this philosophy in classes, senseis Vyxen, Richard, and Louis provide high-level support and from there admire her capability to already apply new concepts in her activities with minimal guidance and instruction.

She is continuously “motivated, participative in class, and exudes positive energy towards learning math” says Vyxen sensei and this in turn increases her enthusiasm and engagement in class.

Message from the Senseis

Continue having a good attitude and enthusiasm in doing your work. It is true that if you love what you are doing, even if it is hard it will become lighter and you can accomplish it with good results.

I hope you keep your positive attitude towards learning as this will help you further develop your skills and knowledge.

Keep up the good work Jaina, sensei will help you keep that motivation to learn. Stay curious and eager to learn!