Utilizing Social Interactions and Mastering Mathematical Skills

Gavin Howard Ty welcomed 2021 with great achievements in tow! Coming a long way since he started his program with Izumi last August 2020, January 2021 celebrated not only his turning seven years old but also his first student of the month feature.

With pride, we write about his improvements and journey to mathematical proficiency with Izumi.

Thriving in Diverse Math Exercises

Mommy Chanelli had noticed Gavin’s dexterity in absorbing and retaining math concepts and is often on the look out for more challenges from activities above his age and grade level.

“His attention to detail is awesome and he can easily recognize patterns that make him advance in his lessons,” expressed one of his senseis (teacher), Joy.

Gavin thrived with Izumi’s unique worksheet exercises, especially the word problems which he has taken a liking to. “I think Gavin really enjoys the word problems. There’s a variety of topics so it’s not boring for him unlike other programs wherein they’re focused on addition and doing 1+1 or 2+2,” says mommy Chanelli.

The worksheet activities initially match children’s current abilities and comprehension then gradually raises level in difficulty. It is highly visual and features a range of problem types that develop not only mathematical ability but also analytical skill, cognitive reasoning, visual recognition, and more.

“When we started the program, he just started multiplying. Now multiplication and division are very easy topics for him.”

Benefiting from Social Interaction

Being an only child at this time of pandemic, Gavin’s daily activities are limited inside their home, leaving little ways for him to cultivate social skills with kids around his age.

Therefore “Gavin really looks forward to the interaction time every session. Maybe more than the worksheets because it is his only chance to socialize with other kids,” says mommy Chanelli.

Collaboration, understanding social cues, and expressiveness are only some of the social skills children miss during quarantine and to combat this, Izumi ends classes in high spirits with interaction time that features an array of fun activities.

Mommy Chanelli appreciates that “it’s not always focused on math. Sometimes it’s an experiment, sometimes there are games, there are competitions so it’s a mix of a lot of activities which Gavin really enjoys.”

Recognizing and Developing Strengths

Gavin shows enthusiasm which is exemplary in class. Joy sensei notes that “he is a keen observer and a very good listener that makes the learning (experience) smooth,” backed up by Gavin’s mom saying “he can really understand the questions and rarely needs help in solving anything. Sometimes he can understand the questions better than I do.”

He displays exceptional analytical skill and recall only strengthened by the constant and varied exercises. “He is also an excellent reader that makes it easy for him to understand the concept of the lessons with little guidance on how to answer his worksheets,” says Joy sensei.

Message from the Senseis

Always embrace new lessons with an open mind and keep on learning. Never doubt yourself and just do your best every time. Your sensei is very proud of you and is excited to see what you will accomplish—small and big.

We will be here to guide and encourage you and we will also do our best the class every time.

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