Developing Self-Discipline with a Caring Attitude Towards Others

Ameera “Laila” Canalita began her journey with Izumi last September 2021, with impressive feats throughout her stay. This reflects not only her academic progress but also the development of her flowering attitude as she grows. We write about her growth and path to mathematical mastery with pride. Not to mention her newfound warm attitude towards others.

Mastering Math through a Proper Repetition Process

Mr. Canalita expressed his satisfaction with Izumi when they saw the difference between other distance learning programs in the Philippines. He noted that, “from what we have noticed, Izumi is somewhat more adept in online classes compared to the other options. That’s why we decided to go with Izumi.”

Her dad also recognizes the importance of the lessons that Izumi provides to kids in learning more efficiently in class. “I believed in constant learning and learning by repetition practice. The process where she needs to fix her stuff with her sheets before my daughter starts”. Mr. Canalita mentioned. “It’s great to learn by repetition. It’s something I and my wife can focus on because both of us work. so that is something that I commend in your program of learning by repetition process” he also added.

During their first week in class, Malini sensei explained how Laila struggled but eventually coped with the new style of learning taught by her sensei. “She was a bit slow in answering worksheets and still drew lines to add or subtract. But with the new techniques learned in the class, she’s now able to calculate mentally and with impressive speed,” Malini sensei proudly explained.

Malini sensei also mentioned Laila’s persistence to learn, saying, “she doesn’t hesitate to ask for help and waits patiently for her turn in the class. She is self-motivated and consistently completes her work. She puts forth her best effort during class and always displays self-discipline.”

Building a Positive Student-Teacher Relation

Mr. Canalita expressed his thoughts on his daughter’s interaction with her sensei saying, “in my observation, it’s like they’ve already met for a very long time. But in actuality, they haven’t seen each other in person. Their bond is very strong given that they are just interacting online.” With Izumi, senseis are always approachable and professional in giving the highest quality of teaching to kids at home. 

“She loves to share the events that happened with her and shares ideas with her classmates and always helps her friends who are struggling with addition or subtraction. She is very helpful in nature and doesn’t think twice about helping her classmates”. Malini sensei also points out Laila’s positive attitude towards learning in her class. “Ameera is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy our learning program. She exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom.” said her proud sensei.

When asked about his observation of Laila’s feelings towards the program throughout her stay in Izumi, “So far, from what I’ve noticed with my daughter’s development, she’s doing great actually. He loves Izumi more than her actual school and loves her sensei more than her actual teacher” he exclaimed. 

Message from the Sensei

“Try to learn from every little thing, and no one would be wiser than you. Help yourself; others will come forward to help you as well. Good Luck!” 

– Malini sensei

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