A Budding Social Butterfly and Eager Independent Learner

Airi celebrated the holidays with significant achievements! Coming a long way since she started her quest to improve in Math with Izumi last June 2021, Airi had transformed from being a soft-spoken student into a picture of confidence.

Let us explore Airi’s ongoing math learning journey with her mommy Rodetta and her teacher, Celso Sensei.

Enthusiasm Giving Way to the Development of Independent Learning Skills

Wary of the COVID-19 spread within their family, mommy Rodetta and her husband quickly opted for a safe online home class and endeavored. “I’ve looked for other sites but I was basing on the comments and reviews that’s why I choose Izumi,” she said and eventually enrolled in June.

Fortunately, Airi’s favorite subject is Math as mentioned by her mom and she wants to provide a structured math curriculum to supplement Airi’s homeschooling program, “It’s Airi’s favorite subject, she is always very excited and always looking forward to the class”.

Ms. Rodetta also shared her motivation on enrolling Airi in the program, “I want her to have higher knowledge in Math. Luckily at her age she can already multiply and divide”.

Her teacher Celso sensei also witnessed her enthusiasm in the subject saying, “she is focused and determined. She always listens every time I explain something about the lessons”

Ms. Rodetta explained that her daughter is always happy and is really enjoying the program mentioning that she always hears from Airi whenever they talk to each other at night that ‘Mommy I am so happy and I enjoyed Izumi today’ 

Interaction Nurturing Socio-Cognitive Skills and Will to Learn

Izumi’s interaction time with classmates and sensei—a sought out feature where students learn through play and interact with other students—is what gets Airi excited and mommy Rodetta mentioned that “it helps when she gets to interact with other kids and Airi is always looking forward and always excited especially the interaction time.” She also explained that, “she usually mingles with other kids and to her sensei because she’s the only kid here in the house”.

“Her social skills were challenging for me before since she is very shy and quiet, and now there is a huge development with her social skills, I can see her smiling, joining the conversation with her classmates during interaction time”, her teacher Celso proudly explains. 

Celso sensei also expressed Airi’s determination to improve and being an independent learner at her age saying, “I can see that she can work on her own and finish 2-3 lessons in one session with an excellent score”

Ms. Rodetta also noticed the enthusiasm of Airi when she has a class “I think she wants to learn more and she is very eager to study more. Sometimes I even [forget] her schedule, she is the one reminding me “ she happily expressed.

“Keep up the good work and I think Izumi is very nice and they know to teach a child and the lesson is a little bit difficult for me. But for Airi its easy. Izumi is good especially on time because of the Japanese punctuality I guess that’s one thing that I like in Izumi because they are really on time and respect each other’s time.” Ms. Rodetta happily expressed

Message from the Sensei

I’m proud of your achievement and I’m always here to support and guide you to be a better student in your class and a good child to your parents. Always remember this, “Never give up; if you try just one more time, you will eventually achieve, and achieving in life is simple if you believe in yourself. Success will come if you believe in yourself. Congratulations Airi!

– Celso sensei

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