Honing Independent Learning with Integrated Interpersonal Skills

Gabriel Vincent “Gavin” Reyes enjoys summer with great accomplishments! We have witnessed his improvements throughout his academic journey with us and here’s what we, and his mom, Ana Reyes, have to say about it:

Fostering Independent Learning Skills with Enthusiasm

Izumi Learning Environment fosters positive learning attitude through engaging topics and informational activities for students to become proficient. We believe student engagement is essential to achieve the desired outcomes. This is something Mommy Ana agrees to: “Gavin’s love for the subject is really important to me. Mathematics plays a vital role in our daily lives and I can see how Izumi helps in honing my son’s abilities.”

Moreover, the Nippon Math program encourages students to gain a sense of independence and responsibility by developing their aptitude to go beyond their own limitations hence mommy Ana adds “Gavin can now finish two lessons in one session with all the correct answers.”

She also notes that Gavin tries his best to comprehend and have a good grasp of unfamiliar concepts, and “that’s how I know he’s self-reliant.” she proudly claimed.

Cultivating the Ikinuku Philosophy

Mommy Ana also expressed her appreciation for the method of teaching: “I noticed Gavin doesn’t get overwhelmed with his school lessons, that being the case, he developed self-confidence and always looks forward to attending his Izumi classes.” 

We value the Ikinuku Philosophy—promoting a healthy learning environment, strategic thinking, and independent learning. As Gavin’s educator, Jenn sensei, observed he has become proficient in problem-solving and analysis. He seldom asks for assistance during class hours, on top of that, he knows how to speak up when necessary. 

When asked about the student-teacher interaction, Mommy Ana responded that “Jenn sensei motivates my child to work hard. He even asks me daily if he has Izumi class.”

Developing Social Interaction Skills through Fun Activities

Encouraging our students to become productive members of society is one of the philosophies of the Ikinuku method and we remain faithful to this while utilizing fun learning by means of our educational games and activities. “Gavin is very proactive in class. He responds well in the activities and guides his classmates when help is needed,” says Jenn sensei.

Gavin seems to enjoy interaction time wherein students develop their interpersonal and collaborative skills as is our goal in “interaction time”—a segment of our 3-part class flow that practices gamified learning. For Gavin, one of the best parts of his classes is the camaraderie among the students.

Being with Izumi for almost a year, Gavin was able to establish a good rapport with his classmates and senseis. Just as importantly, he has shown a great deal of passion and enthusiasm for learning.

Message from the Senseis

It is a privilege to teach and see you grow with your Math skills. You are amazing at doing your work. Keep it up! Always remember that your Izumi family will always be here to guide and support you.