Building Foundations—the Framework of Mastery

Starting her Izumi Nippon Math™ journey with us last November 2021, Athena has proved that she can escalate not only her math skills but also educational independence. We are delighted to talk about her achievements from the perspective of her proud dad, Mr. Gener, and her lovely sensei, Joyce.

Creating a Strong Foundation through Trust and Humble Beginnings

During the pandemic, Athena’s parents have involved her in a number of extra-curricular activities including a math program when they came across Izumi’s free math trial class to which upon attending had immediately captured her interest.

Mr. Gener as well displayed good interest on the program through the trust expressed towards our sensei, Joyce’s, initial level evaluation saying “nung una yung binigay yung level niya sa free trial, sabi ko okay lang kahit mababa para matuto siya ng bagong concept at mas maganda na simula talaga siya sa basic.”

Nippon Math™ program’s initial level assessment follows a unique Japanese curriculum with a fair evaluation of mathematical ability to match the student’s current capabilities and steadily work towards higher levels without pressure and in a fun learning environment.

Joyce sensei proudly attests to this by noting that “she’s been doing great since she started her first session. She’s consistent and can accomplish several worksheets with minimal assistance.”

Academic Independence and Will to Learn Paves the Road to Growth

Joyce sensei explains that Athena’s progress has been quick, successfully moving up five program levels within mere four months and still ongoing. Mr. Gener also shares significant developments on her awareness and management of time and academic independence—preparing diligently prior and coming to class on time.

“She is very independent, displaying high mathematical comprehension skills like understanding complex questions and ability to determine correct equations to derive final answers from,” says Joyce sensei. Exhibiting such skills reflect Izumi’s goal to create a learning environment that patiently encourages and motivates students to perform their best and excel.

Our hope is for Athena to continue kindling her fire for the subject and draw courage from the support of her parents, sensei, and classmates to achieve even greater heights.

Message from the Sensei

Always remember that being brave in everything that you do will make you smarter. Having said that, being smart is not about how you learn in Math alone, but it is how you positively look at anything. We do sometimes commit mistakes in Math and our life as a kid, but the important thing is how we tend to learn from it.

– Joyce sensei

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