Strengthening Child’s Attention and Focus Towards Learning

Juliel “Yuyel” Margio Orap is our August Student of the month! From the beginning of her adventure in learning math to being named top student of the month, she has been able to celebrate great achievements through her determination in studying. Let’s take a look at things through the eyes of his mother, Mommy Marizen, and her teacher, Precious sensei.

Acknowledging Systems Improving Children’s Potential

Mommy Marizen’s priority is keeping Yuyel’s attention in the class. She had expressed immediately witnessing that behavior during Izumi’s free trial class stating “nagustuhan ko yung sistema ng Izumi sa lesson, saka yung attention niya kasi mas concentrated siya sa paggawa ng worksheets,” and promptly decided to enroll.

Juliel’s mother have noticed her progress since starting in Izumi and noticed her child’s enthusiasm and commitment to accomplishing activities in the program. “Focused siya pag nagsasagot kami ng worksheets sa Izumi compare doon sa other lessons niya,” Mommy Marizen added. May it be in Izumi’s puzzle time, worksheets, or during interaction time, Juliel has shown several improvements whether in morale, focus, or in skill.

“One of her strong points is that she is very focused during sessions. Her mind is set to finishing her worksheets every time she sits down for an Izumi session”. Precious sensei points out the determination of Juliel in her classes. Her Mom also agrees with that statement saying “mas attentive siya kasi ang goal niya palagi matapos yung every activity”

Encouraging a Hard-Working Spirit

Precious sensei was pleasantly surprised by how well Juliel has adapted and improved saying “she’s able to finish two lessons per session before but now she can manage to finish answering three per session efficiently.”

Her mom elaborates on other pain points she was able to overcome. “Actually, nag struggle siya noong umpisa sa lines talaga. Pero ngayon pag nagagawa na niya mag-isa sinasabi niya ‘Yes I did it alone! Yes, I did it!’” reflecting the Juliel’s perseverance coupled with Izumi’s guidance and continuous development of independent learning.

She also acknowledges the importance of preparation before classes. “Beforehand may advance study kami every lesson so pagdating doon sa mismong class, independently na niya nasasagot,” she proudly expressed.

 “As she’s now already familiar with the class routine, she usually starts with the puzzles having all pieces prepared beforehand and having studied how to do the puzzle prior to the class,” Precious sensei adds.

Her parents are very happy and proud of Juliel’s achievements in Izumi and glad that they could continue to see enhancements in Juliel’s education even during the repercussions of the current pandemic.

Message from the Senseis

Hello Juliel! It’s really a pleasure being your sensei. Your positive characteristics as a student are more than what any teacher would ever hope for every student to aspire. Your motivation and sense of fulfillment whenever you finish lesson sheets every session also challenges your classmates and in turn you also inspire them to do better. Keep up the good work, stay on the right track, and maintain your good attitude in learning.

– Precious sensei