Developing exceptional mental and organizational skills with enthusiasm

Author: Mancie Silloriquez

Riann Zach ends the year with a bang! Since starting his Izumi math program last August 2020, he has shown great improvement through his improved mental math and problem-solving skills. Below we have documented his achievements from inputs by his assigned senseis (teachers) who have been with him in this academic journey.

On Class Character

One of his teachers, Darlie sensei, notes that “Zach is very polite and friendly in class. He becomes very enthusiastic during interaction time. He socializes well with other students and is very cooperative when it comes to new games or activities.”

Where children are currently at a social development disadvantage, Izumi’s lesson flow provides an avenue for them to learn collaborative and socio emotional skills through interaction time, which consists of educational and recreational games to end each class on an exciting note.

This rings true with Riann Zach as his senseis cite that he has developed a cheerful disposition in that he initiates conversations with other students before and during interaction time.

On Academic Performance

Eliza sensei has noticed that he responds well when instructed and seems to genuinely enjoy the written worksheet exercises, marked by his joyful humming and expressions during their allotted answering time.

Izumi’s worksheets divert from the stale repetitive numeric exercises and adds illustrations and colors in the mix to improve motor skills, visual recognition, analysis, as well as creativity. These aspects in the worksheets has contributed to Riann Zach greatly as he now also exhibits good information recall.

While before, he needed extra support in analyzing and answering word problems, now he has transformed to quite the problem solver with only a bit of guidance. He had also been using more mental math recently, versus dactylonomy (finger counting).

Strengths and Notable Points

“Zach is quite a quick-witted boy and rarely asks the same question twice. Only asks for clarifications,” says Darlie sensei.

He seems to rarely second guess himself on topics he had already grasped, communicates well with his senseis, and takes the initiative to ask relevant questions and commits solutions to mind for him to apply to similar problems. These shows his capability to learn independently.

“He absorbs information like a sponge,” Eliza sensei eagerly expresses. They also add that “he can easily focus and does not get easily disheartened.”

Through his journey with Izumi, Riann Zach has shown enthusiasm to learn and discover on his own, displaying a sense of responsibility towards progressing in his math education.

Message from the Senseis

We want to let you know how wonderful you have been. Not only are you brilliant, but also very polite. We hope you continue to excel, not only in your studies but also in pursuing goals you wish to achieve in the future.

Keep your confidence and never be afraid to tackle and learn something new. Continue to be proactive in finding what works best. It is a privilege to witness your character unfold day by day and see you develop. Always be kind and preserve your appetite for knowledge!

Continue the good work because you are a joy to watch!

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