Cultivating Learners though Fitting Activities and Relaxed Learning Environment

John Seong Teh Antopina is our February 2022 student of the month! From the beginning of his adventure in harnessing math knowledge to being named top student of the month, he has been able to celebrate great achievements through his determination to improve. Let’s have a look at John’s journey to math proficiency through the eyes of his mother, Mommy Jennifer, and his longtime teacher, Celso sensei.

Fostering Enthusiasm through Fitting Learning Activities 

Ms. Jennifer immediately witnessed John’s fondness for the program during the free trial class and expressed her appreciation for it saying, “nakita ko po na nag enjoy siya doon kasi maraming activities na ginawa and para sakin, maganda para sa mga bata yung program”. She then decided to enroll shortly after.

Celso was delighted with the sheer enthusiasm of John in his class whenever they meet. “John, starts every class with a smile and (always) greets his Sensei – Japanese term for teacher – and classmates”. His sensei also applauded his readiness and efficiency in class. “He’s always prepared with his worksheets and study materials and his time management is superb! He always makes sure that he finishes his lessons (within) the stipulated time”.

John’s mom also acknowledges the importance of IZUMI’s online and tactile activities in improving his son’s cognitive improvement. “Yung mga activities tulad nung mga puzzles, nagustuhan ni John kasi natuto siya doon kung paano niya gagawin at nag iisip siya. Saka yung mga sinasagutan na exercises, nachachallenge po siya”, she explained. May it be in worksheet activities or interactive games, John has shown great improvement in focus, analysis, and critical thinking skills in interpreting a word problems.

“He has excellent comprehension and his analytical, cognitive and logical skills are well developed. (He can easily) interpret word problems into mathematical equations perfectly”, said Celso sensei when asked about John’s growth throughout his stay in Izumi. Mommy Jennifer also agrees with this statement and also added, “Pag nag woworksheet sya (and) nag sasagot siya ng puzzle, focused talaga siya habang nagsasagot”

Holistic Development in a Fun and Relaxed Learning Environment

His mom was pleasantly surprised by how well John has adapted to cooperate with his classmates in class, “Lagi siyang nag paparticipate kahit minsan mas bata or mas matanda yung mga kaklase niya so, natuto siya makipag kaibigan sa iba kahit hindi niya ka-age”

She also elaborates on the teacher’s teaching approach during the class, “Yung mga teacher niya sobrang approachable and hands-on, tutok sa mga studyante sa pag nagtuturo”. Mommy Jennifer strongly believes that this has played a big role in John’s continuous development in his class.

“Before, he really needs assistance in answering the worksheets since he’s not familiar with the concept yet, but after a few sessions, he was able to easily grasp the flow of the lessons and he can answer them independently with flying colors”, said Celso sensei when asked about John’s improvements compared to when he started in Izumi in 2021.

Mommy Jennifer expresses her gratitude towards IZUMI regarding John’s experience in class. She’s really happy how his son always enjoys his class. “Lagi po siyang comfortable sa klase at nag eenjoy lang po talaga siya habang natututo kaya masaya po ako dun”.

Message from the Sensei

I’ve witnessed how you changed a lot for the better, especially with your arithmetic skills and how you take advantage of those in interpreting word problems into mathematical equations easily. Just stay focused and be a goal-oriented student and success will follow. I’m so proud of your achievement. -Celso sensei

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