Building a Fun and Exciting Environment for Kids Studying at Home

Oliver “Oli” Sebastian Valenciano is our student of the month for July! Starting his Izumi journey last year 2020, Oliver is a kid to be looking out for in the future! With his improvements and enthusiasm in class, noticed by his parents and sensei’s. Let’s dive in for the perspective of his parents, Mommy Genevieve and Dad, Romeliz:

Supplementing Child’s Improvement with Fun Activities

For the continuation of Oliver’s education, his parents have recognized the importance of integrating different activities and good communication with teachers towards their child’s improvement.

“Oliver was currently enrolled in another school but here you have more activities and the training is better. We were trying to supplement the lack of activities from his other school especially for math.”

His Dad, Romeliz, expressed how adapting to online methods was hard and there was even very minimal guidance from the school, but with Izumi “the approach was better, I would say. He improved his writing, the way he holds his pencil, the way he uses scissors, and improved his focus as well.”

“He’s becoming more focused on his activities and we are also amazed that he knows how to do addition without using his fingers” Mommy Genevieve proudly claims.

She also adds a feeling of satisfaction towards Oliver’s senseis (teachers) since “they pay attention, answer inquiries, and cheers Oliver up whenever he’s not in the mood,” and were amazed seeing he could already count without using his fingers.

Celso sensei testifies to that saying “As time went on, I saw a huge improvement with his writing skills, mastery of addition and subtraction with ease.” He also adds how Oliver now actively participates in every activity and communicates with more ease with his senseis and peers.

Growing with a Positive Attitude Towards Learning 

“Oliver is a shy kid at first and wouldn’t participate in interaction time, but eventually got used to it and excelled in interacting with other students,” Malini sensei explained how he has grown to become a more confident kid who is continuing to nurture a positive learning attitude since starting with the program.

Other than improvement in math skills, one of the main goals of Izumi is to help kids to have the motivation to learn and gain confidence towards new knowledge with well-trained educators that will certainly impact learners and help them engage in learning quality education.

Both Mommy Genevieve and Dad, Romeliz, felt pride over their surprise upon hearing about Oliver becoming student of the month and further believed that this feat was achievable because of his journey with Izumi. “Izumi class was a really good choice for us, and right now it shows (return of investment) ROI because he has improved a lot,” Mr. Romeliz stressed.

“Oliver is always ready to learn!” says Celso sensei and admires the child’s quality of being a great a role model in the class from his attitude and disposition. “Oliver has improved verbally and written exercises,” Malini sensei added.

Through it all, Oliver’s parents continue to guide and monitors his progress. This also helps enhance their child’s performance and build motivation knowing they have both their parents and their teacher as support every step of the way.

He is definitely a kid to be looking out for in the future! Being a role model with progressive performance through and through.

Message from the Senseis

Do not focus on what you cannot do, take a look at what you are capable of. You will feel confident and learn new things along the way

– Malini Sensei

Oli! I feel great and honored as your sensei to see you being the Top Student of the month. You have proved yourself, and I am so happy for you. Always remember the best formula of success; Focus + self-discipline=SUCCESS. Keep inspiring, stay focused, and don’t stop believing in yourself. Congratulations!

– Celso Sensei