Painting a Picture of Enthusiasm and Growth Through Challenges

It has been a month of progress for little Laura Alexa “Lexi” Ynares. Rewarding her significant growth, we have chosen her as our June 2021 Student of the Month for her dedication in class along with her willingness to learn! Let us dive into her experience from the perspective of her mom, Jaycee, and her senseis (teachers).

Transforming Learning Into Play

Mommy Jaycee from the beginning has recognized the effectivity of “fun learning” and making sure Lexi’s experience in math was a pleasurable one. “I was looking for a program or an activity that would somehow introduce math to her in a fun way,” she stressed.

During their Izumi trial class, she immediately was drawn in by the puzzle activity and emphasized that it is one of Lexi’s preferred activities. Izumi’s Nippon Math class holds classes with a 3-part lesson flow:

  1. Puzzle Time – puzzle and block warm-up activity
  2. Worksheet Exercises – visually inclined instructional exercises
  3. Interaction Time – gamified learning experience

Since starting the program last November 2020, the senseis and her mom has seen her develop in academics and personal growth—getting acclimated to exercises in the worksheet developing motor skills, being one of the students to immediately start working on tasks at hand and grasping new concepts.

“Lexi is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy the classes. She gets excited when she understands a question that has been explained to her and loves to share ideas with class,” says Malini sensei.

Thriving Through Holistic Learning

Aside from mathematical comprehension as Izumi’s main goal for students, skills essential to children’s growth are also developed through a holistic learning method by integrated activities in the 3-part lesson flow. Establishing and improving motor, analytical, logical, and even socio-cognitive skills are only a few examples of this.

Lexi’s mom had elaborated this aspect saying “I was actually surprised you also had cutting exercises. Initially, it was really challenging for her. I guess she was not able to control her hands as well as she wants to, but now she even makes me choose saying ‘mom, which one would you want me to do first?’ so she’s having fun.”

Malini sensei had also highlighted a few Lexi’s notable improvements in class—tackling tasks in an organized manner, uses time wisely, completes tasks in the time allotted. Sensei also states that Lexi “is a conscientious and hard-working student.”

Mommy Jaycee also mentioned her child’s excitement and participation during Izumi Interaction Time activities giving her a chance to not only have fun with the gamified learning activities but also develop a sense of sportsmanship by competing and collaborating with classmates.

This is backed up by an observation from another one of her senseis, Tiffy, “Lexi cooperates well with her teacher and her classmates. She shows respect and will always wait for her turn to ask questions.”

Message from the Senseis

Hi Super Awesome Lexi, I cannot believe that it has been a month now since you joined my class. I can still remember the first day you entered my class with a smile. I am so glad that you are still that happy kid with a positive attitude towards learning.  You are an inspiration to the people around you and I love having you in my class. Congratulations! Keep up the good work, Lexi!

– Tiffy Sensei

Always remember Lexi, “Succeeding in life is easy as long as you believe in yourself. Trust yourself, and success will come along.” It is a pleasure to have you in my class and you are an inspiration to all the others. Please remain the same and be your own sunshine. Good luck dear Lexi!!

– Malini Sensei