Cultivating Independent Learning and Self-Esteem through Online Math Lessons

Erina Francesca Rimando Guevarra, our March Student of the Month closes the first quarter of 2021 with great achievements! From speed, comprehension, to confidence, she shows that enthusiasm, coupled with patience and steady but constant effort will move you a step or more towards improvement and educational milestones.

Let us delve more into Erina’s ongoing journey in homeschooling and online math lessons with Izumi from her mom, Danica’s, and educator, Jenn sensei’s point of views.

Building Foundations to Solidify Retention

Mommy Danica’s search for online math lessons started with her desire to provide a structured math curriculum as, in Erina’s homeschooling program, they were not given a recommendation to follow. “Izumi was at the top search and ready for online classes compared to others,” she said and “It was my first-time hearing about Nippon Math.”

Nippon Math is a program unique to Izumi following a math curriculum that develops four core areas of learning. Izumi builds foundations in these areas, then comprehension, and finally gradual but continuous progression of level.

Coming from a Montessori school to homeschooling, Mommy Danica expressed her dislike towards easily forgettable advanced lessons and need for a helping hand to improve Erina’s focus and give her other people to interact with.

She was pleasantly surprised by how well Erina has adapted and improved from Izumi’s method of concept familiarization. This method reflected in all activities is called the Ebbinghaus Learning Curve where students are reintroduced to concepts in different forms for the idea solidify and become second nature.

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Where she needed reinforce topics before, “recently I’ve been very busy so I’ve been very dependent on Izumi sessions and I’m surprised Erina levels up even without deeper processing from me anymore.”

Jenn sensei also proudly notes “she can now analyze and complete puzzles on her own quicker, show more confidence in answering, and improved in concentration while working on her assigned activities.”

Encouraging a Healthy Competitive Spirit

Interaction time—a sought out feature where students learn through interacting with classmates—is what gets Erina excited. Mommy Danica notes that “it helps when she gets to interact with other kids,” but “she is very competitive and gets frustrated very easily then loses focus, so I like that Jenn sensei is very encouraging.”

Mommy also expressed gratitude in being given an opportunity to insert life lessons in these situations. “If she does not experience real competitions with other kids, even if I teach her sportsmanship or humility, she won’t get it if she doesn’t have actual exposure to those kinds of situations,” she says.

She also mentions that Jenn sensei has become a helpful second voice that Erina obediently listens to. “She’s like the ‘good cop’ and it’s very helpful to us.”

Jenn sensei, in turn, says “Erina now analyzes and takes time to understand topics well in her own pace and grown to be more independent,” showing how meticulous and patient she has grown to become.

Message from the Senseis

Thank you for cooperating with us in classes, Erina. We really enjoy seeing you grow and develop your capabilities even more.

Remember that we believe in your potential. Keep up the good work and keep on growing!