Creating an Active Learning Environment for Young Children

Josef Myel M. Aguila welcomes the month of June with a big smile on his face as he celebrates his accomplishments! Let us find out more about his educational journey with Izumi from the perspective of his mom, Lynn, and teachers, Mary and Jenn sensei:

Acknowledging Strengths and Progress

Mommy Lynn observed Josef’s performance from the beginning of his journey in Izumi up until now “At first, Josef refuses to attend his classes. Thank God, the situation gradually improved,” says Mommy Lynn. From unwilling to attend classes and now preparing for his Izumi classes on his own, Mommy Lynn is grateful to witness Josef’s improvements.

One of the good things about Josef is his desire to understand a concept “he is a very self-motivated student” says Mary sensei. Whenever Josef is given an exercise, he challenges himself at all times that even Mommy Lynn noticed “he always tells me that he wants to finish the puzzles and activities immediately. At times, he refuses to ask for my help.” she proudly claims.

Mary sensei and Jenn sensei always make sure they guide Josef constantly and this is something Mommy Lynn agrees to “When Josef did not want to attend classes at the beginning, they did not force him, instead, they gradually captured Josef’s attention.”

Izumi is known for its relaxed learning environment to remove the feeling of pressure from schooling. This kind of teaching approach is significant as it provides a safe space for children to take risks and challenge themselves without any hesitation. Izumi believes this is one of many ways to achieve academic success.

Fostering a Healthy Student-Teacher relationship

“Mary sensei treats Josef as her own” Mommy Lynn expresses her gratitude. Mary sensei makes sure Josef always exhibits a positive attitude in class and always ready to learn. 

Moreover, Jenn sensei witnessed Josef’s improvements saying “I watch him become independent and do his work confidently” she proudly claims. 

Josef has shown an eagerness to discover new things. On top of that, he developed a positive attitude towards learning. And as Izumi’s pride and joy, Josef is surely one of our best students!

Message from the Senseis 

We’re so grateful to be part of your learning journey. It is always an interesting and fun class with you. Always believe in yourself and try your best in everything that you do. Remember: You are amazing, you are special and you are loved.