Importance of variety in online teaching methods especially for kids

Author: Mancie Silloriquez

Importance of variety in online teaching methods especially for kids

Last school year’s break saw Mommy Karen discussing online class options for her 7-year-old daughter, Kelsey, with a fellow parent who mentions Izumi Online. After two months in the online distance learning program, she has seen how her daughter had progressed positively not only in terms of mathematical skills but also in morale.

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Soon going into their third month, we have asked Mommy Karen to share hers and Kelsey’s experience with Izumi thus far.

Holistic Approach

An immediate advantage in her eyes upon exploring Izumi is the opportunity to book a free trial class where, during attendance, she had noticed differences in activity and manner of teaching compared to their previous educational provider.

“I thought they would just be given exercises and teachers will just look at their answers, but it was not the case with Izumi. The sensei (teacher) actually helped even while Kelsey’s answering exercises, not just leaving her only to pop up again when time is up.”

Aside from worksheets, she stresses that Izumi’s unique supplementary activities that inspire creativity, like puzzle time and interaction time with the educator and other students, have made Izumi stand out from other options.

Boost in Morale

Mommy Karen holds Izumi’s method of teaching in high regard. Emphasizing the educator’s ability to expound on instructions to match her daughter’s level of comprehension, may it be a word or numerical problem, she believed it quickly developed Kelsey’s self-confidence.

“Every session she is now able to say ‘oh, it’s easy!’ ‘yes, I know this!’ or ‘ok I’m done!’ with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.”

This shows that aptitude for individualistic teaching in educators provide a strong impact on students. It is an attribute that requires empathy and an understanding of each child’s capacity to absorb information—a skill that Izumi promotes in their educators and often escapes a bigger class setting in regular schools.

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Supportive Educators

She also emphasizes on the educators’ attentiveness and eagerness to stay on top of each student’s progress. Initially believing that online distance learning will depreciate the quality of communication, only to be pleasantly surprised by the vocal delivery and energy that always elicits reactions from her daughter, often saying “they are so nice” and “I like them so much.”

“Even during the time they’re answering exercises, sensei always follows up with ‘where are you now’ or ‘do you have questions’ so it exceeded how I thought the class would be like” says Mommy Karen.

She also adds “Sensei encourages asking questions and can accommodate every student in the class,” therefore students are not afraid to actively engage as they are reassured from their teacher’s acknowledgement.


Kelsey started out in a one-on-one class but transitioned to a group of four which Mommy Karen believes is a plus factor. “We want to have classmates join so she won’t just go through the lessons alone because of the lockdown, it’s difficult to see her not mingling with others and expanding her social skills,” she says.

An Izumi Math Class starts with puzzle time, followed by written exercises, then finally interaction time before the lesson ends. This way, children could have a semblance of socialization missed at this time of quarantine.

“In a span of 2 months, I saw Kelsey’s growing confidence and willingness to improve and learn.”

In conclusion, she recommends Izumi for the educators’ knowledge of the subject and application of positive reinforcements that allowed her daughter Kelsey’s to grow more assertive and enthusiastic in learning math.

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