Showing Independence through a Comfortable Learning Environment

Nathan Hadian shows his potential and perseverance in learning as our Student of the Month for November! With Izumi’s free trial class suggested by a colleague, they expressed having been satisfied from the experience alone and immediately became interested in enrolling their son in the program.

Let’s dive into the perspective of his mom, dad, and teacher, Ruby sensei on his growth and milestones since starting the program July 2021.

Sparking the love for Math at an Early Age

Mommy Michelle shares that their goal for Nathan had always been to “enjoy the subject so he will have confidence and positivity towards math.” This, she shares, is now clearly visible from Nathan’s demeanor and proactiveness in class where Ruby sensei says, “He developed his independence quickly as he now approaches tasks on his own and even reads the instructions.”

She also shares, “he initially had difficulty in cutting exercises. He said he did not like it because it was hard, but still he persevered. Then, one day, he just said that he loves cutting!” Nathan eventually coming to like an activity had come as a very pleasant surprise and it did not go unnoticed by his parents.

Nathan’s dad explains, “I notice you really practice motor skills by cutting shapes, giving the child a chance to get good at it. I also saw during the classes he can count blocks by only visualizing them even if you cannot see it in actual.”

Following more on Ruby sensei’s observation, Nathan’s parents also confirmed witnessing this development at home saying, “he can do it on his own and rarely ask for assistance. In my opinion this is because the worksheets given by Izumi help him easily visualize word problems and understand it better.”

Building Enthusiasm and Perseverance in Character

Nathan displays high energy and enthusiasm in every class noticed by his mom who mentioned that “he’s happy when he achieves something like ‘Oh Mommy I can do it now ‘I do better, and at times we could not attend he exclaims ‘why? I like teacher. I miss teacher.’”

His enthusiasm and energy only increase his focus and determination as stated by his parents who mentioned “during worksheet exercises he is very quiet and concentrated but when its interaction time, that’s when he will mingle with others talk with his friends.” Ruby sensei also agrees when she said, “he may tend to over-share at times, but it is only because he is stimulated, but once he is reminded to focus or to listen, he follows quickly and happily.”

Nathan showing motivation to learn independently reflects Izumi’s goal of creating an environment that encourages children’s motivation to learn willingly and consistently while enjoying the process. A statement Ruby sensei backs up with the observation that “he attends classes gleefully and lights up the room with his positive attitude.”

We couldn’t be happier for this seamless transition from trial class to regular classes which Mommy Michelle emphasizes, “during the trial class, he was happy and not pressured even though there were puzzles, worksheets, and interactions, so we didn’t look for a different program anymore after Izumi’s trial class.”

Message from the Sensei

Stay curious, keep working hard, and be that sweet, friendly, and happy boy all the time. God bless you, Nathan!

– Ruby Sensei

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