Displaying Curiosity and Healthy Competitive Attitude Towards Learning

The sky is the limit for Jacob’s potential and competitive spirit to learn in every session! Since his enrollment last June 2021 with IZUMI Online, he has shown great improvements on mastering basic operations and translating word problems into equations. Let us all get into the perspective of his parent, Mommy Julie, and his teacher, Celso Sensei, in his journey to mathematical proficiency with Izumi.

Improved Enthusiasm in a Fitting Math Program

When the pandemic hit, Mommy Julie sought an alternative learning program that is suitable for her child in hopes for additional activities during quarantine. They came across Izumi and booked a free trial class. “Nakita ko yung program ng Izumi. Kasi [yung] sa ibang program, walang mga interaction and mga laro [kaya] parang gusto ko ipa-try sa kanya”, she said.

His mom also shares about Jacob’s experience with another Math enrichment program saying he gets bored with the exercises. “Nakakasagot naman siya nang maayos sa Math kaya lang parang boring. Kaya pagkatapos nya mag-answer, yun na yun”, she claims. His teacher, Celso sensei, also mentioned a particularly inspiring characteristic—curiosity—saying “he’s very independent and curious about things and that curiosity leads to learning.”

Izumi follows a three-part lesson flow where children learn through combining fun learning and the ikinuku method. Senseis (teachers) create a positive, fun, and child-friendly learning environment with a curriculum suited to their needs to motivate students and and improve their study time.

This has been greatly appreciated by Mommy Julie since she agrees that children learn effectively when they are having fun. “Kapag oras na naga-answer sila, focused talaga siya at yung maganda sa Izumi, pagkatapos mag-answer ng mga bata, may time sila para mag relax at maglaro naman—At least nag eenjoy sila.”

Important Life Lessons Absorbed and Applied

Through his Izumi classes, Jacob also learned the spirit of healthy competition and the acceptance of losing sometimes. “Dati, hindi siya sanay kapag talo siya. Pero habang tumatagal, nasasanay na siya at sinasabi ko na minsan sila naman [yung] mananalo, minsan ikaw naman”, she mentioned. “Saka yung sa interaction, kasi ngayon nga, hindi nila nakikita yung mga kaklase niya. At least doon naglalaro sila”, Mommy Julie added.

His sensei also added that Jacob is always excited when he is in class. “He is always looking forward to our interaction time and enjoyed it very much. His social skills are superb!”

With proper guidance, Jacob showcases his skills and expresses his determination to learn in every class. “Jacob is showing increasing independence to study and learn without the need for excessive guidance. The good thing about him is if he’s not sure about things, he will ask questions and that’s a good indication that he is determined to finish his exercises and ace them”, Celso proudly expressed.

Jacob is a great child who is determined to learn and improve his skills. This, coupled with a healthy competitive spirit and the assistance of his Mom and Izumi, the future is bright for this young lad!

Message from the Sensei

Success means having the courage, determination, and the will to become the person you believe you are meant to be. Jacob, I’m always dazzled with your performance, and I knew from the start you will excel. I’m so proud to be part of your learning process especially in Mathematics.