Developing Mastery in Math through Perseverance and Composure to Learn

Pippin Libarnes greeted the year 2022 with many impressive achievements! After a long journey since she began her program with Izumi in 2020, this year marked not only the new year for new beginnings but also her continuation of growth towards success.

With pride, we write about her progress and route to mathematical mastery.

Building Confidence and Enthusiasm in Math

Mommy Gigi and Joyce sensei have watched her academic and personal progress since she began the program in 2020— developing critical thinking skills through the puzzle exercises, confidently solving math problems, and being one of the students who instantly begin working on tasks in class. 

“Pippin starts her class with a smile and great enthusiasm. She prepares her math worksheets ahead and knows what she will be using in every class,” says Joyce sensei.

Her Mom also expressed her appreciation for the method of teaching in Izumi that helps her daughter to explore different methods. “I like that you have different ways to teach Math like puzzles that help critical thinking and then the cube exercises. I’m happy with that”, Ms. Gigi shared.

One of the key parts of her success in class is the way she shows her willingness to participate. “She was showing competitiveness, sportsmanship, and camaraderie with other older students”, her sensei exclaimed.

“I believe she has the composure and determination to finish her worksheets. She believed in herself to really answer the exercises & word problems correctly.” Joyce sensei proudly mentioned.

Fostering a Questing Heart for Curiosity

Mrs. Libarnes recognized the importance of the activities to Pippin’s improvement saying, “I like the cubes, yung mga shapes and all that you connect and make something of. I like that because it builds kids’ imagination and problem-solving skills.” With activities and materials which Izumi provides, teachers can assist kids to nurture their natural curiosity to learn new things and explore the subject more.

“She changed a lot for the better and strengthened her analytical thinking skills by understanding easily her cube exercises, Math exercises & problems, and puzzle activities”, Joyce sensei added.

When asked about the student-teacher interaction, Mommy Gigi excitedly shared how happy she is with it. “The teachers are approachable and friendly and they are not intimidating. They are very helpful in assisting Pippin for her Math skills to develop”. One of the goals of Izumi is to make learning comfortable and unintimidating with the help of our teachers who showcase effective techniques for kids to easily absorb new ideas as they progress.

Ms. Gigi also expressed her satisfaction on how her child is having a good time with the program and her improvement in social interaction with peers. “She’s really happy with the program and the interaction with her teacher and classmates. She’s always really excited about Izumi”, she exclaimed.

Message from the Sensei

I can see how you changed a lot for the better, especially how you become an expert in all four Math operations and how you can translate those in your math problems too. I just want to tell you [to] please do not stop learning new concepts in Math. Stay strong, don’t give up on Math, and always stay sweet, friendly, and witty. I am very grateful to be your teacher.            

– Joyce sensei  

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