A Budding Proactive Natural Talent in the Right Environment

Starting only January of this year, Scarlett has already impressed her Nippon Math sensei (teacher) during her stay because of her development and people skills. Join us as we run through this little lady’s Math journey with Izumi!

Hidden Gem of Social Skills and Dedication to Learn

At a glance, Scarlett may seem timid, but her sensei sees how well she can express and communicate herself in an environment she’s comfortable in. “She participates in everything—dancing, talking, show and tell, and drawing,” that develops her social skills with students in her class, Ruby sensei notes.

A strength that was highlighted was also her ability to focus and her discipline during the allocated class hour where sensei says how “she is always determined to accomplish tasks even with difficulty. She never gives up and she never complains.”

Her dedication shines which emphasize on the environment Izumi and its senseis strive to build—one that fosters children’s will to learn.

Advanced and Focused Mind

Scarlett being 3 years old doesn’t stop her from pushing her own limits. A testament to that is her “reassessment because she was getting bored with her starting level. She’s now taking level 7, a big jump from level 3 when she started and she’s doing excellently in all her worksheets,” says Ruby sensei.

Her parents make sure to be present to support her during class. Mommy Stephanie emphasizes the Nippon Math worksheets which was their deciding factor in enrolling because of the concept memorization, teaching from basics including building foundations for analytical and logical skills.

This proves true to her belief backed by Ruby sensei’s statement that describes that Scarlet seems “sincerely interested in learning Math. She likes writing numbers and she also enjoys crafts so cutting is fun for her. She is not scared to deal with difficult tasks even if she does not know how to do it in the beginning. She knows when to ask for help and when to try to do the task on her own.”

Overall, Scarlett shows mathematical prowess, understanding logical sequence and numerical concepts. We look forward to seeing her grow more in her continued journey with Izumi.

Message from the Sensei

You are an awesome student!

I’m amazed that you are so young yet you can take on different challenges of learning and rise above them. You are focused and determined to complete all your tasks all the time. You are well-behaved yet you know how to have fun. I’m honored to be your sensei. 

You deserved to be the Student of the Month. I’m excited to see your growth as you continue to learn Math with Izumi. God bless you and your family. 🙂