Determination to Improve and Establishing Social Skills

Francine Andrea “Andi” Pelayo began her Izumi journey in June of 2021, now she is definitely one to keep an eye on being our student of the month for September! Her sheer determination to improve and personable attitude towards classmates and sensei in the program has worked wonders for her educational growth.

Here’s a look at Andi’s achievements through the eyes of her parents and her teacher, Mary sensei:

Quest for a Challenging and Enjoyable Educational Program

When quarantine hit, Andi’s parents strived to have her actively engaged in both academic and physical activities. Part of their efforts was attending about 10 free trials looking for a program that was a good fit. Her dad mentioned “we tried different platforms and training, but she enjoyed the free session with Izumi. We were interested in Izumi’s mission and vision and how the approach is towards kids.”

Francine’s fondness for math was already present, and her dad continued to emphasize how the program has furthered that spark saying, “when she tried your program, she liked it because you have a lot of visuals and at the same time you also do kinesthetic activities like games.”

Her teacher, Mary sensei, also shared that Andi “is an independent worker and can easily grasp or understand the lessons and apply it in answering her exercises.”

Mommy Abigail also acknowledged Izumi’s teaching methods—focused on establishing concepts and putting it into practice to develop mastery. “Her cognitive skills were developed more using the puzzles. She was able to already gain the skill of solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division mentally. No longer using scratch paper,” she happily expressed.

Enthusiasm Fast-Tracking Growth and Socio-Cognitive Skills

Francine’s parents explained her proactiveness during class saying, “we don’t have any problem dealing with Andi because she’s so independent doing the worksheet. Even on days without class, she tries to do puzzles and problem solving on her own.”

Mommy Abigail also expresses appreciation towards Mary sensei saying, “Francine is always excited during her sessions with Izumi and already built friendships with other kids.” Mary sensei adds “she has a very good relationship with her classmates and sensei. She shows enthusiasm and is always committed to learning and putting her best in her works at all times.”

Mary sensei also expresses how proud she is of Francine’s determination “she has always been a diligent and responsible student from the get-go. She always finishes her exercises on time. She can work independently and rarely asks for assistance unless she is having difficulty with the lesson.”

Independent learning characterized by enthusiasm and action from Francine truly reflects Izumi’s goal to provide an environment that fosters children’s will to learn.

Message from the Sensei

It is always a pleasure having you in class. Please be reminded of these things:

A – Aim for success and learn to accept mistakes with courage.

N – No matter how good you get you can always get better, and that’s the exciting part.  

D – Desire to be the best in everything that you do. And

I – It never gets easier; you just get better…

Keep reaching for the stars!

– Mary Sensei