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Hundreds of Happy Parents

  • 5.0
    Mommy Debbie
    Sensei did an awesome job. She was very patient from start to finish, conducted herself in a very professional, warm and pleasant manner. She communicated well with my son, acknowledged him whenever he did a great job and provided him a very supportive manner without overdoing it. I'm looking forward to Zion's new Sensei.
  • 5.0
    Daddy Ramil
    I believe my son will learn a lot while enjoying. For us as parents, it is the most important thing to learn in advance with no pressure. Thank you!!
  • Sta-Rosa-Erika-and-Ella-lr
    Mommy Erica & daughter Ella
    I am very thankful to Izumi for helping my daughter improve her math skills. I appreciate the fact that teachers are very kind and accommodating when my daughter has questions and they are also patient when explaining the lesson. Ever since she took Izumi classes, her addition and subtraction skills improved greatly. So, thank you very much Izumi ❤️
  • Legazpi-Donna-and-Celine-lr
    Mommy Donna & daughter Celine
    My daughter, Celine, now enjoys solving math problems which made her confident in dealing with numbers, thanks to Izumi. The interaction time, makes her feel rewarded after answering the exercises. She loved it and looks forward to it every session.
  • Sta-Rosa-Cates-and-Chloe-lr
    Mommy Cates & daughter Chloe
    Our daughter Chloe is not so good in Math and due to long school break somehow lost interest in studies and with Izumi we see lots of improvement and we know that she enjoys every session as she looks forward to her next class schedule. She was even surprised that she can now easily understand her math lessons.

    Since we are busy parents and have little time to spend with her, with Izumi we are grateful that you are considered our helping hand in preparing our child’s future. So our heartfelt gratitude also to Sensei Elaine for being so patient with her.

    Thank you very much and hopefully in the future Izumi can also offer other subject guidance. Domo arigatou gozaimashita!
  • Sta-Rosa-Angel-and-Andrei-and-Joachim-lr
    Mommy Angel & sons Andrei and Joachim
    I learned about Izumi accidentally. 😊 But then realized that things really happen for a reason. Exploring this learning module has been a very good timing despite the pandemic, wherein kids discovered more what they can do and the talents they have. My eldest son, 6y/o, enjoys the interactive and fun learning approach. Instead of merely worksheets, varied tools help encourage the learners and maintain their attention. Not to discount the social skills being developed, it's good they get to meet and interact with other learners as well. My younger son, 4 y/o, at first had been challenging. His interest at worksheets was something I was worried about. Happily, he did enjoy it the first day onwards! Their Sensei is very kind and sweet, too. 😍 Kudos to Izumi Philippines for quickly adapting to the online or digital mode of learning. 👍 Despite no face-to-face teaching, the learning value was not discounted. Keep it up! 👍
  • Legazpi-Jiro-Agato-lr
    Jiro Agato
    I’ve had Izumi sessions for a few weeks now, and I always look forward to our sessions twice a week. I get to do puzzles and other fun activities all the while I learn new skills in Math. I used to think that learning Math is complicated and boring, now I know that it can be exciting and fun.  Thank you, Izumi, for helping me enhance my Math skills!