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Lesson Flow

Mastery of Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, and Logic

Geometry - Puzzles, Blocks, & Sheets

  • Children learn shapes through tangible objects.
  • This part of the lesson will also develop their concentration, analytical skills, discipline, and cleanliness. Furthermore, this encourages development from a 2-D to a 3-D perspective.

Algebra - Grade-based Mathematics Book

  • Children are able to freely use and visualize Math concepts.
  • This part of the lesson further focuses on their logic, concentration, and mathematical discipline. Moreover, this is an important phase as it links to day-to-day activities such as reading the time, counting money, and measuring lengths and weights of objects.

Sociability - Intellectual/Tactile Materials

  • Children learn problem solving abilities while cooperating with other students.
  • This part of the lesson focuses on building the students’ positive qualities of respect and teamwork

With the help of intellectual materials, students can think in 3D and learn in real-time. More importantly, these materials and games encourage respect, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Thus, we highly encourage parents to start their children young when it comes to developing their academic ability and intellectual curiosity with the help of Nippon Math!

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