What is Nippon Math Online?


What is Nippon Math Online?Nippon Math online is a high-level mathematics course for students of pre-school to elementary that cultivates a child's "questing heart" made to nurture their natural curiosity while having fun through engaging teaching methods.

It aims to develop independent learning, developing mental skills through Japanese discipline and social skills by fusing calculations, cognitive, and abstract skills.

It is also our belief that education should be fun so children can understand and grow to love math online. With Izumi's high-quality intellectual materials, learning is innovative and holistic to guarantee impact and retention.



Building a frame work to develop students' concept of compositions, shapes, and patterns.

Base of Mathematics - Izumi Math Online lessons


Ensures steady improvements by providing first-hand experience.

Geometry - Izumi Math Online lessons


Provides a progressive transition from concept of numbers to arithmetic calculations.

Algebra - Izumi Online Math lessons
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Analytical & Logical Thinking

Nippon Math online aims to encourage and expand brain development so that students can process information logically and analytically. Likewise, students can apply and relate these skills and information to everyday situations.

Furthermore, this program is an innovative way to teach children Mathematics from ages 3 to 12 by combining a holistic approach with fun. We believe that when learning is fun, students are more motivated to continually learn.  In the same way, they can find the importance of Mathematics in their day-to-day activities.

Features for Students

  • Arithmetic - Develops comprehensive arithmetic calculation skills
  • Motivation - Visualization of daily results improves motivation
  • Intellectual Materials - Learning through fun

Sample pages from the Workbook

  • Questions and problems are created not only to intrigue the students but also to enforce the connection between mathematics and patterns

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