Why Choose Izumi?

45 years of tradition fostering
the growth of each and every student

Why Choose Izumi

Children absorb a lot of information every day at a speed unimaginable to adults. It is greatly affected by their desire to “want to know,” which is their will to learn.

Willingness is a key factor in helping a child become enthusiastic and motivated. In Izumi, we provide an environment that fosters your child’s will to learn.

Here is an environment where you can find and nurture your child's willingness to learn.
Why Choose Izumi
  1. Unique Curriculum

    Izumi educators teach with consideration for every individual student’s situation, purpose and motivation. We value comprehension and making them feel understood so they could gain confidence and academic ability.

  2. Extensive Trial Lineup

    A full lineup of mock exams such as monthly tests and seasonal training mock tests for Izumi’s math classes are available. You can see your child’s level of understanding and learning range, analyze strengths and weaknesses, and track their progress.

  3. Support Beyond Study

    Each center holds various seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas to keep the learning fun and exciting! For certain levels, there are study camps where they could build confidence and sense of fulfillment.

  4. Diverse Interactions

    Aside from meeting other students within the same grade level, a supplementary self-study place (Free Space, FS) can be used freely outside class sessions during operational hours. Izumi Educators would also happily entertain questions and consultations even outside the designated class hour creating an effective support system.

  5. Multiple Center Locations

    Izumi is a community-based study school that boasts a career of over 44 years with multiple locations in Japan, Vietnam, Laos, and the Philippines. We update high school entrance exams’ minimum passing score for each school and area every year and use it for guidance.

  6. Proper Advised Based on Research

    We collect information such as school progress, test range, test analysis, etc. and use it to improve grade performance. Test interviews and career interviews are also conducted using changes in the test average score of each school. We provide detailed advice with data we have accumulated over many years.

  7. Yearly Increasing Passing Record

    At some public schools, more than 50% of the students passed the entrance exams for junior high school, and the number of successful applicants has increased year by year. Of course, not only the top schools, but all students will pass the school of choice.